salt lake city temple wedding

this salt lake city wedding took place at just the right time of year. we were able to capture the beautiful spring colors and got some amazing wedding pictures at the salt lake city, lds temple. i had a blast with this couple and there family and it was one of my favorite weddings this year. everything turned out perfect and i wish i could share all the images with you. this small sample of their wedding day will have to be enough. i'm so lucky to have amazing clients and i feel truly blessed to work with people like them! Here is a testimonial from the groom of this wedding 


"just wanted to say thanks for the great work that you did, i absolutely love these pictures and think you did an incredible job.  it’s hard to make them your own when you see so many similar pictures/scenes, but i think you did an incredible job making it unique.  you also made brittany very happy and that’s all i could’ve asked for" joram


i couldn't ask for a nicer complement and its so good to hear clients are happy. make sure and follow my blog to receive notifications when i post! as always please let me know what you think of my work and thanks for checking it out!